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FYI -- I'm fine. Boston friends - if you see this, leave a comment to let me know you're ok (unless I've already talked to you).
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So, I tend to collect LJ friends sometimes without a clear remembrance of where I met said person (come on, don't tell me you haven't done that too).

So I'm creating a new Boston filter - let me know either in comments or via email (gwynhefar at gmail dot com) if you should be on it (and your use-name, if you want me to know it). Hopefully, among other things, it will help me put faces and names to LJ folks.
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Moved in this weekend. My apartment is in East Boston, in this wonderful little ethnic neighbourhood full of corner groceries and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. And, amazingly, it is even nicer in person than in the photos. The building is a converted school building, and the apartments are converted classrooms - so hardwood floors, high ceilings, huge windows, etc. Plus the grand staircase in the lobby.

Robin is alternating between 'explore neat new place' and 'OMG scary must squish self into smallest nook available' modes and helpfully discovered the gap in the kitchen baseboards that allowed him to hide behind the dishwasher for most of a day. He was out and about when I left this morning though.

Commute on the T was annoying, but not horrible (too much standing room only on the first leg of the trip). Awesome local grocery is awesome -- I totally need recipes for Hispanic dishes. I didn't even recognise half the food in the grocery.

Anyway, lots of tours and orientations and getting to know places and people at work this week. Comcast coming to hook up my internet on Saturday morning (how ever will I survive?) and then picking up [ profile] rainbowmagnolia on Saturday afternoon for a long weekend and job schmoozing (so good thoughts requested). Also haunting freecycle and begging [ profile] shadesong's local friends for furniture.
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I don't want to leave Boston. Every time I come up here I feel so at *home*. I am really really hoping I can find a job up here.
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I love the Orphan's Thanksgiving. I love being here with my chosen family. I also love that everyone is so helpful with me being temporarily gimpy (pulled a muscle in my back and can't bend over at the moment). I love that people here *get* me. I really *really* want to find a job here in Boston.
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So my body has decided that since I have clearly told it it can rest now, it will take full advantage of the situation. In other words, I like NAPS!
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It's amazing how life feels so much better when I'm with family. It's like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders.
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I can haz a 'song!

I is in Boston!

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Was supposed to fly home today. Flight out of Boston never took off due to mechanical error. They were not very forthcoming with information while we were on the stalled plane, but once I got off and talked to the ticket lady she was very nice and spent 40 minutes with me before determining that no, it was not possible to get me into any airport remotely close to Baton Rouge, including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Mobile, at any time tonight. Best she could do would be to get me to Dallas where I could take a flight to New Orleans tomorrow.

So forced with the choice of being stuck overnight in Boston or in Dallas, I chose to remain in Boston, where at least I have crashspace (and yay! more 'song time) and will be flying out of Boston at o'dark'thirty tomorrow morning to arrive in Baton Rouge around 1pm.

So now I am back at 'song's, feeling like a wet noodle. And tomorrow I will get up in the wee hours of the morning and take my taxi voucher back to the airport where I will fly to Baton Rouge via Dallas once more, and then go home and go boom.

Now I also have to figure out how to make up another day's leave time. *sigh*


Nov. 24th, 2008 11:55 am
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I can has [ profile] shadesong! Or, more accurately, [ profile] shadesong can has me. I am safe and sound in Boston, well rested, and very happy. This is all.
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*Massage today. It was very nice, and relaxing. My leg felt much better afterward, although the massage only loosens the muscles and doesn't stop or prevent the nerve pain. And only I could come out of a massage session with a book recommendation that has nothing to do with health.

*I leave to go back to Louisiana tomorrow morning. It is very unfortunate. I have not had enough time here. But then I always say that. I very much want to move to Boston, but this will not be a financial possibility for several years yet.

*It is late. I must get up early(ish) to catch a cab to the airport tomorrow. I am tired. I cannot sleep. This sucks.
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Thanksgiving was wonderful! I met many new and interesting people (names are mostly escaping me -- that is [ profile] shadesong's job). But it was fun and interesting with Princess Bride as is tradition, and good conversation, and sing-a-long.
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Happy Thanksgiving all! Sadly today is a bad sciatica day, but so far all I've needed to do is sit here on the couch with my heating pad while others cook and otherwise prepare the meal. Which promises to be incredible. And as we are expecting something in the neighbourhood of 25 people, it promises to be quite the party. So I am quite happy.
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It is snowing!!!! Y'all don't know what this means to me. I haven't seen snow in 5 years. I just spent the last 45 mins or so wandering around 'song's neighbourhood taking pictures of the snow on the trees, and in folks' gardens (hopefully nobody thought I was casing the joint). It is still coming down outside the window. My nose and fingers and ears are pleasantly numb. Snow snow snow snow snow snow SNOW!!

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
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So today was a day of lie around and do nothing here at House Gojirawitz, of which I am temporarily a member. I woke up at 11am, and laid around on my heating pad and read while 'song and Adam went to the store. Then 'song and I too naps and only woke up a little while ago. Soon there will be food, and probably watching stuff. Not a bad day after all :)
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Lo! I have arrived! I am in Boston for the next 10 days. Very very happy. Ok, brain fried. Travel long.


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