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Sep. 9th, 2005 08:18 am
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Scrolling through the course offerings at LSU looking for an Environmental class I'm supposed to work with, I passed the English offerings and saw the class "Literature and Madness". What I wouldn't give to be able to sit in on that! Maybe they'll offer it again some time.
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Well, I am now officially graduated with an MLIS and an MA in English. I even got an A in my Romantic poetry class, which surprised me, because I was hovering in the A-/B+ range before the final and I rather thought I did poorly on it.

My parents and grandparents came down for graduation. It was really *really* nice. I think this semester helped prove something to my parents. In one semester I manged to work full time, attend classes, present and win a court case, write a 70 page thesis, and find a job. And for the first time this semester I've felt like my parents were truly treating me like an adult, even an equal. It felt very good. That is not to say we won't still have our disagreements, but it's a major step, I think.

Thursday I'm flying down to Baton Rouge to check out apartments. Hopefully I'll come back Friday with a definite place to live. My father is planning to fly down to Columbia Memorial Day weekend to help me load up a truck, and then he'll drive the truck and I'll drive my car to Baton Rouge. We'll stop somewhere halfway for the night, get into BR on Tuesday, spend Wednesday unloading the truck, and then we'll both fly back to Baltimore on Thursday for my brother's high school graduation on Friday. I'll stay the weekend, and probably go back to BR on Monday to finish unpacking and getting settled in.

I figure on putting Robin and Róisín together in the kennel, and getting a large carrier for Siobhán. She gets along with the terror twins fine in general, but she's still a little standoffish, and I don't think she'd take close quarters for an extended time very well. The kennel should fit in my back seat, and if it doesn't it's large and flat and can go in the truck. The carrier will go in my car, and I should even be able to take my potted herbs and such in the trunk. The logistics of this whole move thing are starting to come together, which makes me feel much better about it.
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Ok, so this damn cold thing that I thought was just cold + fever has gotton worse, not better, and now I have a particularly sore throat. Not ouch-I've-been-coughing-too-much sore throat, but big-swollen-strep-feeling sore throat.


I guess I'll be heading to the health center tomorrow. Not to mention that I finally took a look at our take home final and the question is more like term paper material. Not sure how she expects us to answer that in an exam-length essay. And the fever means that my brain doesn't work very well, so I'm pretty much drawing a blank even on where to start.

On the good side -- Serenity trailer!!! And since I'm in the mood, I'm gonna go watch an episode or two of Firefly while sipping hot soup and pampering my sickiness.
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Paper is done and turned in, although it is, in my humble opinion, a pretty crap paper. Ah well.

For some reason the take-home final wasn't in an envelope outside her office like she said it would be, and she wasn't there when I dropped the paper off, so now I'll have to try and get in touch with her and pick it up later.

I can honestly say that tonight will be the first time in a very long time that I can simply sit back and relax and not worry about anything that needs to be done. Plus, no class tomorrow, so I can sleep in as late as I want. Very nice feeling.

I'll probably try and get the final done and out of the way tomorrow or Wednesday, just so I can finally say I'm *done* with school.

Maybe I'll do some packing this week.

Yay for the end of school.
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4 1/2 pages. At least that's progress. It only has to be 8 pages, but I have a feeling it's going to take me more than 3 1/2 more pages to say what I have to say. I hate papers.
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I have now hit 2 pages.

This is your annoying update on the torturous progress of me writing a crappy paper at the last minute.

More will be forthcoming.


Apr. 24th, 2005 02:07 pm
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Ok, so I've been hit hard this weekend. No motivation to work whatsoever. I sat down to write my paper last night and only got about a page done before I gave up. Now I've got to write the other 7 pages today. I'm feeling petulant and whingey and have an overwhelming urge to pout and say "But I don't want to write a paper!"

It's also annoyingly chilly here in the library today.
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So for the past two days I have been rediscovering Keats. I read him in high school, and I remember liking it, but reading it over again now has completely blown me away. Just finished "The Eve of St. Agnes", which must be one of the most bewitching and ambiguous poems I've ever read. Can't wait to discuss it tomorrow. I think I definitely want to do my second paper on him. Now I just have to come up with a proper topic.
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Ok, so I survived the period of no internet access -- the internet just came back on a few minutes ago and I go home in 15 mins.

I wrote the biography and synopsis of Carter's career, the critical reception of The Bloody Chamber, and a few extra pages on Carter's use of fairy tales in general. The only thing I haven't written that needs to be included is the statement of purpose and scope and the justification of format. That should be pretty simple -- purpose is to provide a starting point for people studying The Bloody Chamber, scope is all critical articles, dissertations, interviews, and book reviews concerning The Bloody Chamber written since its publication in 1979, and format is chronological under categories (book reviews, interviews, etc.)

Basically I just have to elaborate on that and turn it into about a page.

Of course, I figure there will be tons of revision required, and I expect some "you need to take some of *this* out and elaborate more in *this* area" type comments that will require reasonable amounts of rewriting and new material. But basically as a first draft it's pretty much done.

I also wrote 3 annotations and read enough of 3 more articles to determine they didn't fit the scope and were thus rejected. So that's 6 off my list. Only about a hundred left, now. *sigh*

Stuff left to do today:

Finish the last couple sections of the first draft of my introduction. Compile works cited list.
Edit paper for Dr. Feldman and compile works consulted list.
Read Charlotte Smith.

The first two shouldn't take more than about half an hour each, if that. The last one depends on how much material is in our anthology, and I haven't really looked yet.

Tomorrow's job is to prepare my presentation for LSU. GC&SU wants me to come on the 23rd, although I asked if we could make it a little later, like the 25th. Considering I'm at LSU on the 21st and I have a presentation on the 22nd, heading out to GC&SU on the 23rd is going to make me not exactly my best for said interview. But now I wonder if they're going to ask for a presentation too? I understand that a presentation is pretty standard for these kinds of interviews, but I also thought they generally gave you more than a week's notice to prepare one and they haven't said anything about it yet.

Of course, I'm only starting to prepare my LSU presentation tomorrow, but we all know what a horrible procrastinator I am. Plus, I'm pretty confident of the material. It's just the formatting I'm not so sure about.

Oh, and all that stuff I have to do today? I'll start it *after* my nap.


Mar. 10th, 2005 04:50 pm
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Paper finished. I'll probably look over it at work tomorrow with an eye to editing, since I don't even want to look at it any more now. But it's about a paragraph short of 10 pages, not counting the sources list.
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Well, I have 8 full pages. Unfortunately I haven't really finished saying what I need to say, so I have to try to wrap it up in the next two pages without going over. Which is surprising -- rarely do I have trouble with respecting the *upper* page limit of an assignment :)
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Hah! The portion of my paper that is on Mary Tighe's Psyche is finished and it is 6 full pages. Mary Robinson's "Sappho and Phaon" is shorter, and I have less to say about it, so I figure I'll bang out another 3 or 4 pages tomorrow and the paper will be done. A full 2/3 of a paper that's not due for a week -- I consider that a decent day's work.


Mar. 9th, 2005 09:01 pm
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The paper is supposed to be 8-10 pages. I am comparing/contrasting two works. My goal for tonight was to write the introduction and section on the first work, and then do the second work and the conclusion tomorrow. I also planned to write at least 4 pages.

Well, the 4 pages are done, but I still have a little more to say about the first work. I'm going to take a break for a bit, having reached a good place to stop, and then try and come back and write another page or two finishing up the first work before bed. Tomorrow is the second work, which is shorter than the first, so it'll probably take less time and space to talk about. This means I will hopefully go to bed tonight with more than half the paper written, which will be a very nice state of affairs.

Chances are, in fact, that I will be able to finish the paper before dinner tomorrow, which leaves after dinner to either veg or get started on the thesis introduction.
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I hate writing papers, particularly ones where I don't really have a whole lot of enthusiasm for the subject.

And I really don't work well unless it's last minute. This paper isn't due until a week from tomorrow, and no matter how many times I tell myself that there are *tons* of things that need doing before then and I really need to get this done and out of the way so I can concentrate on other things, there is a part of my brain that goes "you've got pleeennty of time" and subsequently refuses to focus on the task at hand.

Just a warning, my journal for the next two days will probably have frequent page/word count updates and random attempts to weasel out of actually writing said paper.


Mar. 5th, 2005 05:02 pm
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Interview with GC&SU went pretty well, I think. Now I'm just hanging around waiting on tent hooks to see if I get called back for an onsite with them. I *really* want to work there. And not just because it's close to Atlanta (hey, I'm selfish). The people I talked to seemed really nice, and somewhat less stuffy than the LSU folks. Plus, LSU is pretty set in their ways. GC&SU just became part of the University system of Georgia, and they're in the process of expanding the library and beginning some new programs, and all sorts of other stuff that sounds exciting to be a part of. Plus, they offer tuition assistance for the entire University system of Georgia, so I can take classes or even get a PhD at Georgia State University or any of the other state universities for radically reduced tuition. And while they encourage research and publication as part of their tenure program, there are other ways to earn tenure as well, so there's somewhat less pressure in that area, which I like. And they pay more. So yeah, I *really* want this.

I've been bad the past two days. I talked w/ my prof about my paper, and it has somewhat more direction now. Unfortunately, I didn't get as far yesterday as I wanted to on the organising my thoughts thing. No biggie. Just need to focus more this next week.

Meanwhile, I'm now here at [livejournal.com profile] shadesong's. Fun, fun!! I am now getting my [livejournal.com profile] shadesong fix. Very, very important. Tomorrow begins the work focus. Today is just for me.
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Allow me to give you a run down of my month:

Today, March 1st, I turned in an abstract for a paper that still isn't clear in my head
Thursday, March 3, I have a phone interview w/ GS&CU
Thursday, March 3, I have a meeting w/ my prof to hopefully make my paper more clear
Saturday, March 5, I go to Atlanta for Shadesong's party :)
Monday March 14, I must turn in the 1st draft of my thesis introduction (10-15 pages)
Wednesday, March 16, my father is flying down to go with me to court. We'll meet to discuss plans
Thursday, March 17, I go to court against the landlord in the morning
Thursday, March 17, my paper is due (10 pages)
Sunday, March 20, I fly to Louisiana for an interview
Monday, March 21, I spend all day in interviews and fly home in the evening
Tuesday, March 22, I have a presentation on 3 yet to be selected critical articles in class
Thursday, March 31, I have an abstract for a second paper due, topic still unknown

Tori Amos concert is on Monday, April 4th.
The second paper, and my final thesis defense, are both due by Tuesday, April 19

Of course all this is in addition to my regular schedule of work and classes. Next week is Spring Break, which means no classes, although I'm still working just as much. It is really important that I somehow manage to write both my 1st paper and my thesis introduction by Monday the 14th, because I work Tuesday and Wednesday night, and I need time to prepare for the court case on Thursday.

I really have no idea how I'm going to survive this month.
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Well, it is Saturday once again. Am attempting to read, in small bits, the poetry of Aemilia Lanyer. So far I'm almost through the dedicatory material, which is almost as long as the main poem itself. I also have a selection of Mary Robinson's poetry to read for Tuesday.

Yesterday I spent some time at the library getting books on the general topic of my abstract, to try and do a better job at revising it. The main goal for today, after I wake up a bit more, is to go through said material and actually revise said abstract. I'm not really sure where this is going -- I have my doubts about this paper already, which is not a good sign, but I also don't have any better ideas. I think I can pull off a pretty decent explanatory paper on this topic, what's got me worried is the prof's insistence that it be 'cutting-edge' research. I'm pretty good at taking things that have been studied before and putting them together in new ways, but not so good at the whole discovering new things. I guess I'll just do what I can.

It's cold in the library today for some reason. I hate Saturday mornings.


Feb. 25th, 2005 10:33 am
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Interview went ok. I think I answered all the questions pretty well, but I got the impression they were looking for someone with more experience in the collection development area. I guess now it's just wait and see. I caught the last half of class where we discussed our abstracts somewhat and were then given until Tuesday to revise them. Which is good, because I know mine had holes in it you could drive a truck through. What I'm most worried about is discovering while doing more research over the weekend that my topic just won't work and having to start from scratch.

In other news, Robin is sick. He started out with vomiting last night. Then that went away and he got diarrhea. He spent most of the night sitting quietly in the corner of the bathroom. I took him into the vet as soon as they opened this morning. Then I did some research at the library for my abstract while waiting for them to call me back. The diarrhea has mostly stopped now but he's still clearly not feeling well, so they're going to keep him for the rest of the day and see if they can't narrow it down more. Right now their best guess is a bacterial infection, which means he'll likely go on antibiotics. At least Robin is the easiest of the three to give pills to. I don't even want to think about having to give pills to Róisín or Siobhán.

And now, since was up late with insomnia and up early with Robin, I'm going back to bed.
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Ok so this was a really bad week to get sick. I managed to go to both class and work yesterday, although it was a good thing work was slow because I was about ready to fall asleep after I got off. Slept for several hours but had a bout of insomnia in the middle of the night. Met with my thesis advisor this morning and got several pieces of good news:
1) Of the three theses she's directing this semester, I'm the only one she feels is on schedule.
2) She got called by the library at Georgia College & State University, where I have an application in (she's one of my references) and gave me a glowing report. Apparently the woman on the phone said that I was exactly the sort of person they were looking for.
3) GC&SU emailed me asking for a phone interview next week.

Took a brief nap after my meeting with Dr. James. Went back to work for Dr. Thesing this afternoon and managed to get the layout of the James Dickey Newsletter (which he edits and I put together) in its final form. Left there and went straight to work at the Med School Library.

I've been here for three hours, all of which I've spent researching and trying to come up with the paper abstract that is due tomorrow. I've already gotten my topic pretty much approved, but I'm stuck at the "oh look, isn't this interesting" stage. That is, I've noticed something that I think is meaningful -- namely a difference in the way male and female Romantic poets portray female sexuality. Where several female poets are able to portray women as sexual beings in a positive light, the male poets seem to have only two models -- the chaste flower or the sexually destructive demon (think Keat's "Lamia", "La Belle Dame Sans Merci", and Coleridge's "Christabel").

My problem? The abstract is supposed to "sell" my topic. It's supposed to make it sound interesting and new. It is also supposed to explain exactly why this "new" revelation is important. I'm not quite sure how to do that.

And don't even ask about the phone interview for LSU tomorrow. I haven't even started to prepare for that.

Oh, and another thing I noticed today: the 10 page paper that I'm currently trying to write an abstract for? The paper itself is due March 17. Same day I go to court. That's going to do wonders for my concentration and the quality of said paper.
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I'm in a weird maybe-slightly-sick place today. My throat is tickly and sort of sore, and I'm coughing some. And my stomach seems to go through these queasy moments when it thinks it's going to be nauseated and then changes its mind. But mostly I've got a headache along with the slightly dizzy, head wrapped in cotton feeling that sometimes comes with a fever. It's like there's a pane of glass between me and the rest of the world -- a distancing feeling. Add to that a slight equilibrium problem and it's like I've had a drink or two, or taken one of my strong pain meds, although of course I've done neither. Good thing my job is pretty much sitting at this desk all day.

Of course this isn't making getting work done any easier, and I really *must* get moving on the annotations. Plus I have an abstract due on Friday for a paper due next month and I haven't even picked a topic, let alone done the research needed to write the abstract. At least my reading for Tuesday is done.

I keep thinking I have the whole rest of the semester to do this thesis thing, but in reality, the final version has to be submitted the first week in April. That's really only a little over a month away, and I've done only about 15% of the annotations and written none of the introduction, although I have the research for that done at least.

I really hope that whatever is going on with me today is not the beginning stages of that really nasty flu thing that's been going around. Several of my friends have had it and it doesn't sound like fun.


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