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Great egrets don't usually flock - mostly I see them solitary on the shores of the lakes or even the side of the road. But today as I was driving in there was a whole group of them at one end of the lakes -- about 5 or 6 in the sky, huge wingspans overlapping, and a score more huddled together in the water. It was an amazing sight -- and one that nearly had me crashing the car! Still, a nice way to start the morning.
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Came home today and all the cats were watching the wall intently. So I looked, and at first I thought it was a *huge* bug, but turns out it was a small gecko. With judicious use of a broom, my cupped palm, and a paper bookmark, I was eventually able to catch him without the cats getting their teeth into him and let him go outside.

This is the third time I've found a gecko in the apartment. The first time Finnegan got a snack, but these past two times I've been able to rescue the poor creature. I still find it a little strange that I live in a place where finding a *gecko* in the house is not that unusual.


Oct. 6th, 2008 07:10 pm
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Ok, so I got my camera fixed. That means you get pictures!!

So click:

Cats -- more recent pics at the bottom.



Mama Quilla (a local stray) and our friendly neighbourhood raccoon, Ralph.
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Last week I was very worried because usually, when I see the albino squirrels, I see them both together, but all last week I only ever saw the female by herself. I was starting to think that maybe the hawk came by for another try and was more successful this time. I fretted about it all week and all weekend long, until this morning I went into work and saw both of them out there. They were both out again when I went home. So I guess the male went on vacation by himself last week. Hope he had a good time!
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So today I'm out walking by the library and I see this older gentleman staring at something on the ground. I get closer and I realise that he's studying one of our albino squirrels (both of whom made it through the hurricane, yay!). So I strike up a quick conversation and we're talking about how rare it is to see an albino squirrel and I'm telling him how there's actually two that hang out around here and how I think they're siblings. Just then, I spot the other one across the path and just as I'm pointing it out to him this big hawk swoops down at the second albino squirrel. Now I love hawks, and generally I'm totally ok with the whole food chain and all that. I've seen hawks grab squirrels and rabbits before and usually I'm too busy admiring the hawk to be upset at the death of the rodent. But I've taken a proprietary interest in our albino squirrels.

It must say something about me that rather than some general exclamation of dismay, my first reaction was to shout *at the hawk* "Don't you dare!". I don't know if my shout distracted it or it was just having a bad day, but thankfully it missed, and the squirrel went scampering off to a tree. It was a close call though. Not entirely sure what kind of hawk it was, but I think it was a Cooper's Hawk.
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We´ve seen a few of these down here. First time I saw one I only really got a good look at its general size and its tail and I thought it was a monkey. Then one came right up to the patio while we were having breakfast, and was scrounging around for crumbs along with some feral kittens. The cats gave it a wide berth :)

A little searching online discovers that it is a White-nosed Coati and is a member of the raccoon family. I think they´re pretty cute :)
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Did quite a few in the last couple days: here, here, and here.

Although the damn hybrid fowl are annoying. I have to wonder, what's the standard for a species any more? I mean, it used to be something about animals who produce fertile offspring being the same species, which is why all dogs and wolves are the same species, despite the vast differences between a dachsund and a great dane. But now we know that there are other distinct species that hybridse and produce fertile offspring, but we still call them different species. Why is that?

For example, the other day at the park I saw a bird that was obviously half muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) and half domesticated mallard (Anas platyrhynchos). It was swimming with a female that I'm pretty sure was a Mottled Duck (Anas fulvigula). They had two little ducklings with them. Clearly they were fertile together. Be interesting to see what the ducklings look like when they grow up.
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Intersting article on the possibility of assisted colonisation as a conservation method

If nothing else, the fourth paragraph on the second page answers my long-held question about the plural of "mongoose".
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Aren't they cute?

The strange thing is, as you can see, they're actually not all white -- they're more blonde on top where normal squirrels are grey, and true white underneath. But they've got albino-red eyes. Either way, they're very cute.

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There's a gorgeous luna moth trying desperately to get in through my window. I don't think I've ever seen one in the wild before. They're *huge*. And so very pretty. The cats are going nuts, of course.
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I've added a bunch of pictures to my Birding Blog in the last few weeks, including the lovely ringed turtle dove I saw yesterday.
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Another birding post
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Another bird added to my birding blog.

This has been a good week, birding-wise.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 03:51 pm
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Another sporadic update to what has essentially become my birding blog:

Once I get back to 100% after the surgery I'm going to take a trip to one of the local aviaries or nesting-grounds. I'm running out of birds to find in the greater Baton Rouge area.
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Look here to see a video of a pod of orcas off the coast of Texas. It's very rare for them to venture into the Gulf. Although I love the part where the one guy says something about how 'they're not orcas, they're killer whales'. Duh.

EDIT: So as those who are better at deciphering distorted video tell me, what he actually said is 'these aren't porpoise. They're killer whales.' Which is correct. Ah well.
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So I. gave me a ride to work this morning, and in the car we were talking about odd animals we had seen. I'd mentioned seeing a white crow once, and he said he had seen albino squirrels around campus on several occasions. I'd never seen one, so we were talking about it and wondering if it was only one squirrel or several, etc. etc. We get to campus and we're walking to the library and what pops out in front of us but an albino squirrel.

It was amazing. I've worked here for almost 3 years and I'd never seen one before, and on the morning I. was talking about them I saw my first one. He was rather cute.
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It's been ages, but I finally updated my birding journal with a new bird here.

I really need to go out and do an actual birding trip. I think I've seen pretty much all the birds that hang around here.


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