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Thanks to all who offered their hugs and condolences for Fionn's passing. Even though I was expecting it, it was still hard, and it's the little things that get to you. Like getting ready for a bath last night and realising that I didn't need to wash the tub out first -- Fionn loved hanging out there and usually tracked dirt and fur in when he did so. And watching TV on the couch and reaching back to scritch his ears on his favourite perch above my head and of course he wasn't there.

He was probably the cuddliest of my kitties, and I'll miss him dearly, but I am thankful that I had the time I had with him and that I was able to give him a little love and affection and a warm comfortable home for his last six months, and that he didn't have to die alone behind a dumpster.
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Fionn died just a few minutes ago. I was holding him right to the end.
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Well, my dear little boy is still holding on. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow right smack in the middle of the day, so I took the whole day off from work. Friday we're closed for Good Friday. So with the exception of during my appointment I have nowhere to be until Monday so I can spend as much time with him as I want. I'll keep y'all updated.


Apr. 4th, 2007 12:19 pm
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It won't be long now.

As of last night, Fionn could barely even walk. He would stand up, take a few steps, sway a bit, and plop right back down. I'm thinking today or tomorrow at the latest.

Unfortunately, I still have to work, despite the fact that it's Spring Break here and the library is practically deserted, and I could do my entire job from home. My cat is probably going to die alone because my stupid boss doesn't like me being somewhere he can't keep an eye on me.

I think as soon as I'm done my desk shift at 2 I'm going back home no matter what he says.

At least he doesn't seem to be in much pain, just weak. He lies there and purrs if I pet him. He won't eat anything, and I can feel practically every bone in his body. He's been a good cat since I've had him, and even if it was only 6 months, it was worth it.
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Fionn is not doing so good. He's lost much of the little weight he put on, so he's skeletal again. He's developed runny eyes, which are usually a sign of a cold that he can ill afford in his condition. And today, I watched him try 3 or 4 times to jump up on the bed and he was unable to get high enough -- a distance he easily cleared last week.

He still doesn't seem to be in pain, so there's little else I can do but huggle him as much as I can.
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So I'm eating pizza and watching TV and Fionn takes advantage of my momentary distraction to try and grab a slice off my plate. I catch him at it, and as I grab him away from the plate, he *refuses to let go of the pizza*. I've generally when I catch a cat doing something they're not supposed to be doing, they have the decency to not continue doing it! I had to pry the crust out of his mouth!
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I am a bad kitty mommy -- I can't believe I didn't notice before.

Fionn is stone deaf.

I thought he was just good at ignoring me. Then I noticed that even when the other cats are ignoring me, their ears swivel toward the sound. Fionn's don't. So I tested my theory by the tried and true method of sneaking up behind him and clapping my hands really loud behind his head.

Not even a twitch.

Obviously if I didn't notice until now it's not affecting his quality of life too much, but still . . . poor baby.

Daily post

Feb. 16th, 2007 08:22 am
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Sleep: 10:30 to 2am, 3am to 6:30am

Sciatica: 7

Weather: clear, 33F, 55% humidity, high 47F

Fionn: Fionn is back home, after literally breaking my bank with his vet bill, and seems to be doing pretty well. As the oddball he is, he's spending much of his time hanging out in the bathtub. Crazy cat. As much as I love him, this will be his last trip to the vet. I've nearly maxed out my credit card paying his fees every few weeks, and I'm afraid at this point what will be will have to be.

Description: Oleander with black patchouli, ylang ylang, and neroli.
In bottle: patchouli, neroli, and ylang ylang.
On me: Neroli and ylang ylang. A nice sharp scent.

Daily Tarot: not bothering.

The Shapes of Our Singing by Robin Skelton
Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton
The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
An Unnatural Metropolis: Wresting New Orleans from Nature by Craig E. Colten
Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong
California Demon: The Secret Life of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner
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The vet says he's doing very good, considering. He's eating well and everything. I might have to order chicken wings for dinner tonight just to spoil him :)


Feb. 14th, 2007 09:58 am
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I talked to the vet yesterday. Fionn is doing better -- he's eating well now, and being forced all kinds of fluids. She wants to keep him until Thursday, just in case, and then he can come home for however long he has. She says he doesn't appear to be in any pain or discomfort, which is a relief. So that's the news. I'll let you know as I hear more.


Feb. 12th, 2007 01:24 pm
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The vet called back. Fionn has taken a drastic turn for the worse, and although his bloodwork continues to come back clean, they are now quite sure he has cancer. And in his current state he is not a candidate for chemo. They're going to keep him until tomorrow, and try to get some fluids and food in him, and see if he perks back up, but after that there is little more I can do but take him home and make him comfortable.

This is particularly upsetting as he was doing really well right up until this weekend. His thyroid levels had gone down. He was happy and active and eating well. Everything was going well. And then it just all went to hell. I know this happens sometimes with things like cancer, but the suddenness of it has thrown me. I'll let you know more as I know more.


Feb. 12th, 2007 11:14 am
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So Fionn is at the vet's today, to see if we can figure out why he's not eating properly. I swear, I love the cat to death, but he's going to vet me out of house and home.
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Fionn's still not eating well. I even tried to tempt him with some chicken today and he only ate one piece. So it's a call to the vet again tomorrow.
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Good news and bad news --

Bad news, Fionn is having diarrhea problems again today and he had another one of those partial seizures where he was walking around like he was drunk. This one was even shorter than the last time, only about a minute or two. I called the vet, and he said that these types of episodes are not uncommon in older cats and that as long as he doesn't go into full convulsions, the episodes don't last longer than 10 minutes, and he doesn't show any lasting side effects we don't really have to worry too much about it. The diarrhea isn't enough to worry about yet, but I'm to keep an eye on it, and the vet suggested I create a little "Fionn health diary" to keep track of any episodes or other abnormalities I notice so we can see if there's any pattern. So get ready to start seeing information on kitty feeding, behaviour, and health in my (soon to be more frequent) daily posts.

Good news -- Fionn's thyroid is much improved. He went from about 25 to 6 in two weeks. Normal is around 4. We're adding another half a pill a day to try and get it down those last two points. They said they've never seen a cat who needed this much thyroid medication, but as long as we can keep it down and maintain it he won't need radiation. Generally if they need radiation the medication doesn't have much of an effect at all. We're not totally in the clear yet, we still need to lower it those last two points and then maintain the normal level for at least two months before we can say his thyroid condition is completely under control, but it's an encouraging sign nonetheless.

Now, in my health news, today sucked as I didn't get much of any sleep last night and I've been feeling run down all week. This is, I think, the most frustrating part of being sick -- the period of recovery where you feel fine most of the time but run out of energy very quickly. I stayed home today, missing my desk shift, so I'll have to take sick leave for that, although I did get quite a bit of work done while I was home. I'm going in tomorrow come hell or high water, at least for awhile, as I've barely been out at all and I miss human companionship.

So yeah, that's my life.

Now back to reading . . .

BTW: I need a bookish icon that reads "So many books, so little time". Anyone want to make me one?
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I love you. I appreciate your desire to be close to me. I understand that abandoning you to the vet for three days, and before that, disappearing for a week, may have caused some unintended psychological baggage. But sitting on my chest while I am in the bath is not particularly comfortable for either of us. I am not that big of a person. There is not much of me that remains above water while soaking in the tub. My face does not exist to provide more dry area on which for you to rest your paws. Moreover, it only succeeds in placing your rather large head squarely between me and the book I am trying to read. In the future, please restrain your affection to more conducive locations. Thank you.
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So the vet called back --

Fionn is doing fine, hasn't had any more attacks or disorientation or anything. However, his bloodwork came back and his thyroid is worse, despite being on the medication. So she's doubling his dose, but she did say that there's a good chance that what's causing the thyroid problem is a malignant tumor on the thyroid gland. So he'll be on the new dose of the meds for about two weeks, and then get the blood checked again. If his thyroid hasn't gone down, then I get to take him to a specialist to confirm the malignancy and start on radiation, which will be beaucoup expensive, but has a very good chance of success. She says apart from his thyroid he's in remarkably good health for his age, which will help. Still, I'm *really* hoping the increased meds will work.

Anyway, I get to take him home now, and since I'm home sick with a cold, he's going to get lots of love and cuddling this afternoon :)
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Vet called -- Fionn passed the night with no more episodes, and seems to be just fine. The vet said he's alert, eating well, walking fine, and otherwise just his normal happy self. She put the bloodwork through rush and she does want to keep him until it comes back on Monday, in case he is diabetic and has an attack, which they would know what to do about and I would be clueless. So come Monday, we'll know what's wrong with him if it is anything other than a one-time thing, and I can take him home.

Good thoughts still appreciated, but I think we're out of the major danger zone now.
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About half an hour ago Fionn started walking around like he was drunk -- no balance, stumbling, etc. I took him to the vet, and by the time we got there, he was back to normal, but they're going to keep him overnight for observation. He didn't seem in any pain while it was happening, in fact, in a move that might have been funny under other circumstances, he kept trying to jump up and steal food off my plate on the coffee table, even though he didn't seem to know which direction his legs were going in. The vet's going to send off some blood work to see if anything shows up there and keep an eye on him tonight in case he has another episode. She said it's possible he may have had a mini-stroke.

So good thoughts and prayers are needed that there's no serious underlying condition at that this was a one-time isolated event. If he doesn't have a repeat episode tonight I can take him home in the morning, and the blood-work will be back in about a week.


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