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[ profile] s00j concert last night was wonderful! It was a small venue, with only a handful of people there, and while I could have wished s00j a bigger audience, I actually really liked the intimacy of it. I got to meet some great people, and the other two members of the Traveling Fates were wonderful. I shall be buying CDs from them as soon as I can afford it again.

Also, while in New Orleans, I made a point to go to Pirate's Alley. I cannot describe the feeling of being there, on that street, where my novel takes place; of putting my hand on the wall of the building that *is* the Black Rose; of smelling the unique scent of New Orleans mingled with the fragrance from the Cathedral garden; of sitting drinking rum and cranberry juice in the bar whose interior will inform the layout of Liath's bar. I took tons of notes. It was incredible, and surreal, and wonderful. I need to go back!
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I always find it rather interesting when I run into a friend or someone at work and they refer to something I've posted on LJ or on Facebook. It's like a single conversation that spans both internet and real life communications without pause or interruption. Kinda cool.

My Weekend

Mar. 23rd, 2009 02:08 pm
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Had a great weekend, although quite tiring. Isaac and I went down to New Orleans for the Palimpsest show on Saturday, got to see [ profile] shadesong, and Kyth, and [ profile] s00j, and bunches of other great people. The show was very good, although there was a little more bondage than I was expecting :)

Sunday Isaac and I went to see Knowing, which I think takes the prize as the creepiest disaster flick ever. It was very creepy. And nightmare-inducing.

Which brings us to today, where I'm home sick at least partially because I barely got any sleep last night because I kept waking up thinking that creepy blonde people with black eyes were in my room watching me.

The other part is my damn allergies/cold/whatever, which seems to kick in whenever I'm tired and run-down. Suddenly, in addition to being tired and run-down, I'm sniffly, sneezy, coughy, and itchy-eyed. Is very annoying.

On the other hand, I'm getting lots of work done remotely, as there are fewer distractions at home. Although in a little bit I think I'm going to take my sniffly sneezy self and go take a nap, in the hopes that I will be rested and thus non-sniffly sneezy in the morning.
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So my first experience with salsa dancing was actually a lot of fun. A whole big group of us went last night -- [ profile] shadesong and I. and S.A. along with the group of my neighbours that all hang out together. I've never been before, so I was worried that everyone would know what they were doing except me, but there were only a handful of people on the dance floor that looked like they were actually doing any kind of dance steps -- everyone else was just moving to the music, and I can do that :) I wore the lovely new sparkly dress that [ profile] shadesong talked me into getting in New Orleans and got several compliments, as well as a decent number of cute Latin guys asking me to dance. Pity I don't swing that way but it was flattering nonetheless. It was a bit too expensive of a night out to do often, but I'd definitely be up for doing it again some time :)


Sep. 24th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Flogging Molly was *perfect*. I had my Flogging Molly buddy with me, and I could actually *dance* this time. Having [ profile] shadesong with me always makes it better because there is *story* behind some of those songs for us. And dancing to "Whistles the Wind" with her for the first time since my surgery meant so much because we've both been sick for so long and I think it's broken both our hearts to see each other that way, but I am better and she is better-than-she-was, and just in that moment it was all really ok.

And having S.A. there was brilliant because she and [ profile] shadesong totally hit it off, like I knew they would and it was wonderful seeing both of them just so happy and into the music.

Sadly I could not find [ profile] babysprite in the crowd, although he assures me he was there and had a wonderful time as well.

And I am *sore* today. I slept late, although some of that was waking up to protesting muscles and then getting back to sleep. My body just wants to lay in bed all day so we won't be doing much. But at least it is definitely a 'what were you thinking asking me to move *that* way?' muscle soreness and not a 'something's-wrong' kind of soreness. And *no* nerve pain, which is still astonishing to me.
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I can has [ profile] shadesong!!!!!
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Thanks to everyone who replied to my post last night. I did finally get to sleep around 4-ish and woke up about half an hour ago. It's not usually that bad, but when it is . . .

I appreciate the support.

Oh my

Feb. 14th, 2008 11:12 am
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Yes, I may be guilty but I'm also singing right along :)
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If anyone is at ALA in Philadelphia and wants to try to get together with me, call my cell at 225-936-1625. I'll be here until Wednesday :)
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So, I'm back from Maryland. It was a great trip. The folks and I got along fine. My dad even took me to the Library of Congress one day, which was his idea, not mine, and thus proves that he both knows me better than I thought and can be incredibly thoughtful. I'd never been, so it was an incredible experience. We took the tour, and got our readers cards so we could actually go in the reading rooms. I even requested the 1724 edition of Captain Johnson's A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates from the rare book room and got to actually touch it and see the original engravings and everything. It was a book-geek's dream.

My brother and I ended up giving each other the same thing for Christmas -- a 'gift certificate' for lunch and a movie. So we had two days of lunch and a movie together, which was very nice. He and I get along great now, and I wish I could see him more often.

And I got to see [ profile] danorsong, who I hadn't seen in years!

I'll have to do a separate post later detailing some of the cool stuff I got for $WINTERHOLIDAY.
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Oh, and I met [ profile] darth_kittius today for lunch. She is very nice, and I wish I lived up here so I could keep in touch with the many many DC/Virginia/Maryland folks I don't see nearly enough of.
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Had a great 3-hour chat at Starbucks with a new friend last night. It's always great to find someone new in Baton Rouge that I have a lot in common with. There aren't that many of us around here.
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I will be in Seattle from *very* late Friday until Tuesday morning. Friday and Tuesday are travel days, so they're out. Saturday morning is registration for the conference followed by a committee meeting until 12:30, after that I'm free. I'm free all day Sunday. Monday I have a committee meeting from 8am to 10am, and then I'm free for the rest of the day. All three nights are open as well. I would *love* to meet with folks. I will be staying the Pike Street Suites (formerly Summerfield Suites) near the conference center. I will not have a car, and my ability to walk long distances is limited, so I will either need someone to pick me up, or instructions on how to use the public transport system to get wherever you want me. Let me know who's available for a meet-up.

EDIT: As this is a conference for librarians, there will be a large number of publishers there giving away free books. An exhibits-only pass is only $25 and well worth it in terms of free books. At annual, I walked away with over 100 books. This is a slightly smaller conference, but there will still be plenty of opportunities for cool stuff. So if anyone wants to pay their $25 and join me in relieving the publishers of their wares, let me know. The best day for that would be Monday (as the last main day of the conference, the publishers will be trying to get rid of as much stuff as they can so they don't have to bring it home, and lots of previously unavailable 'sample copies' will be made available.)
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This is an advanced apology, as I am a little behind on Christmas gifts. Those of you who are expecting a gift from me will get it, I promise, but it might not make it before the 25th.
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Thanksgiving is upon us! People who will be at 'song's for Thanksgiving, let me know who you are so I can add you.

Also we need cloves, candied yams, and milk (regular, not condensed). Anyone who wishes to provide these things will be handsomely rewarded.

Also we need bourbon, and anyone who wishes to provide said liquor will be rewarded with bourbon cake, which will otherwise not be making an appearance this year :-(


Nov. 21st, 2006 09:34 pm
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I is in Boston. I is tired and sore, but happy. I sleep now. More later.
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So last night was the Ani concert, which I did actually get to go to, despite much adventure on the way. There was a really bad car crash on I-10 into New Orleans: this one, in fact, and everyone was slowing down and rubbernecking. I started to slow down when I realised that the car in front of me, despite the fact that her brake lights weren't on and there was open space in front of her, was essentially not moving. I slammed on the breaks, but the car skidded and rearended the person in front of me. It really wasn't much more than a fender-bender -- from what I could see, the other car got off with a few dents and scratches on the bumper, while my front bumper is shoved crooked and the glass on one headlight busted. No one was hurt on our end, and the cop who finally processed the scene must have noticed how people were driving and even told me it wasn't really my fault, although by law he had to write me a ticket anyway.

Since we were very close to New Orleans and the car seemed to be driving fine (even the busted headlight is still working, albeit without a glass cover), we went ahead and went to the concert anyway. Good thing we decided to leave early. Ani was wonderful, although my experience was somewhat dimmed by bad sciatica pain and delayed nervous reactions to the wreck.

Right now my car is in the shop getting the tires changed (which was probably why the car skidded -- the front tires were in pretty bad shape, which *was* my fault, as I hadn't been playing close enough attention to them). The mechanics are going to double check anything, but they said the brakes are fine and the crash doesn't seemed to have damaged any essential parts, which means although she'll look even uglier than she already did, I probably won't bother having the front end fixed. So long as both headlights work and it's not a hazard I couldn't care less what she looks like.

Increased sciatica pain again today, although I'm 99% sure it has nothing to do with the actual crash itself (although the general state of tension I was in afterward probably has a bit to do with it). I came very close to having an all out panic attack, but managed to stave it off, no small part due to the presence of [ profile] babysprite who was very helpful and supportive throughout the whole ordeal.

So there you have it. I turned my "coming in late" day to a "staying home" day. A very kind person from my UU group is helping me get done what needs to get done today -- namely picking me up from the car repair shop, picking up some necessary groceries, and taking me back to pick up my car when it's done. This means that I can spend large parts of today on the sofa with my heating pad, and pop the occasional post-traumatic Xanax until my nerves calm down.

Fionn has also got an appointment to go back to the vet, as despite the medicine being shoved down his throat twice a day he's still having diarrhea issues.

Not to mention playing more phone tag with my doctors . . .

Fun, fun day.
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Ok, since the past few days have been bad sciatica days, and [ profile] shadesong has been gimpy too, we've mostly been lying about around the house. This means that I have now watched all of the first season of Jeeves and Wooster (must put second season on my Netflix list) and also have two new shows to add to the TiVo schedule -- Scrubs and Eureka.

I have also played lots of Katamari. I'm getting better at it.

And I've read some books.

This has been my week.

I've loved every minute of it. Back to real life tomorrow :-(
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Let's see --

*saw the movie version of "How to Eat Fried Worms," which was cute.
*played lots of Katamari Damacy
*smelled lots of BPAL
*snuggled with [ profile] shadesong and [ profile] harkalark

It was a good weekend.
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Ok, so thanks to [ profile] shadesong alerting me to the ultra-cheap airfare between New Orleans and Atlanta I am now going on an impromptu vacation. I leave on the evening of the 16th and return on the 26th. That means that all the stuff at work that I thought I had 2 1/2 weeks to finish before the end of the month, I now only have a week to finish.

I have to finish going through the journals in the QHs and decide which ones to weed. That will probably take me a good 4 hours worth of work dedicated work time, but it is limited to the time that I have the student workers at my disposal to the the heavy moving.

I have at least 7 pages worth of a co-authored paper to finish. The manuscript is due in by September 1.

I have to finish coding 150 Virtual Reference transcripts. This is mind-numbing grunt work and will probably take another 4 hours of dedicated time, which I absolutely can't do in more than one hour shifts because I'd go insane.

And that's in addition to my basic every day desk shifts and reference work and committee work and other such stuff.

Busy busy bee . . .


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