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Wow, it's been a long while since I've updated. Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm back at work after having yesterday off due to Sandy. The irony of having my first weather-related day off work after moving to Boston from Louisiana be due to a *hurricane* rather than a blizzard is not lost on me. Meira was in heaven, sitting in the window sill watching all the leaves and branches blow by. Poor Robin sat trembling on the couch most of the day, but then again, he remembers Gustav and Katrina. We didn't lose power and our building didn't suffer any damage (the thing was built in 1900, I think we're safe *g*) but there was a lot of detritus on the neighbourhood roads this morning. I absolutely wasted my long weekend playing minecraft and I am so behind on fic updates. Must get to writing!

Anyway, just a note to say I'm alive, even if I'm not around much.
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Please keep the folks of South Louisiana in your thoughts as Isaac pounds New Orleans on this the 7th anniversary of Katrina.
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Dear Bonnie -

I really do hate to be rude, but you've caught us at a bad time. It was very nice of you to think of us, but I'm afraid we're really not up to a visit right now. And no offense, but the last time we had some of your siblings over they really trashed the place. I know you appear to be much more mild-mannered, but really, we're still recovering from BP's disastrous visit, and while I know that's not *your* fault, it does make us not really disposed toward company at this time. I don't suppose you could be a good lass and bugger off?

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Because, after all, this is South Louisiana, the home of jazz funerals, and the default response to practically any tragedy is to have fun with it:
hurricane humour )
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Well, there are more trees down after Ike, and even more debris piled up. But at least it doesn't look like there are any new power outages. It is very strange, however, driving through *my* city and seeing all the FEMA-blue rooftops I have always associated with New Orleans after Katrina. Please, whatever gods may be listening, no more hurricanes this season? I can't take anymore.
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Hurricane Ike is *huge* storm. Despite the fact that the eye is making landfall near Galveston, the outer bands of Ike hit us last night. Torrential downpour and gusty winds that gave me uncomfortable flashbacks to Gustav, despite the fact that I knew we were barely getting grazed by the storm. The power flickered a few times, sending me into momentary panic, but it came back on each time. The rain is no longer falling here, but we're still getting pretty strong gusts. I'm worried about what this will do to a city already well-damaged by Gustav. Right now, all around Baton Rouge, there are precariously hanging tree limbs and piles of fallen wood just waiting to become dangerous projectiles. Ordinarily, this would be nothing, but right now?

I honestly didn't realise how strongly Gustav had affected me. After Katrina, most of my focus was on those in New Orleans. I saw 'refugees' every day and talked with many of them, and that focus let me skip much of what would have otherwise been a traumatic experience for me personally. Sure, I'd been scared, but nothing much had happened to me, and look at all these other folks.

With Gustav, *we* were the ones who'd been hit hardest. Sure, the destruction in Baton Rouge wasn't anything like what happened in New Orleans with Katrina, but it was major nonetheless. And there wasn't much else to do for a week without power but worry about when we'd get it back, and how we were going to make it through the next few weeks if it didn't come back on. So last night, when Ike came roaring past, the rain and the wind made me really nervous. And when the power went out, I literally panicked, terrified it would be another week or more before I got it back. And there was this moment, after the power came back on and I calmed down a bit, that I had this shocking revelation. Holy crap, I've got PTSD. Ok, relatively minor PTSD, but still.

My other clear thought was "Dammit! I used to *like* thunderstorms!"


Sep. 9th, 2008 10:41 am
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Looks like Ike is going to hit Texas, not Louisiana. Sorry, Texas, but at least it isn't us again! Don't think I could handle another hurricane right after Gustav.

To Do

Sep. 7th, 2008 02:09 pm
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To Do Today:

  • Take out trash

  • Laundry, laundry, laundry

  • Enjoy electricity

To Do This Week:

  • Get mini grill

  • Get snake food

  • Get *real* coolers (not the styrofoam ones I have)

  • Clean out aquarium (a week of no filtering is ugly)

  • Do grocery shopping:

    • Cat food

    • Cat Litter

    • Bread

    • Lunchmeats for sandwiches

    • Hot dogs

    • Fresh condiments

    • Ice!!

  • Fill up car with gas at last minute before Ike

  • Get gas can and fill that up too

  • Get lockbox for important documents

I'm sure I'll think of other things. Good thing my electric bill is going to be low this month, cause I'm going to be way overbudget on everything else. *sigh*
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Good news: current models have Ike headed more towards Texas (sorry, Texas). Bad news: it's all still very much up in the air, it could still hit us, and conditions in the Gulf make it likely it will be a stronger storm than Gustav when it does.

Well, shit.

Sep. 6th, 2008 10:14 pm
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Didn't we just do this? Just who is it that Louisiana has pissed off lately to deserve this? Fuck.
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Per [ profile] whitecrow0's request, this is to let you know that the kitties came through the storm just fine. They freaked a little with all the winds, and mostly hid under furniture, except for Fiona, who kept following me around and begging to be held and trembling. Poor thing was traumatized. But she's back to her cheerful self now, and I think they like having me home most of the time lately. I think they're dealing with the lack of air conditioning better than I am, and they have plenty of food and fresh water. So they're good :)
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Ok, so life is returning to normal slowly but surely. I'm still without power, and my electric company won't tell me if it will be 3 days or 3 weeks before I get it back. They're being less than helpful. Other parts of the city are slowly getting power back, however, and more and more places are opening, including this wonderful little bar/restaurant that is providing me with free wireless at the moment.

I never imagined that Gustav could be worse than Katrina. And in general, it wasn't, but in Baton Rouge, it was much, much worse. Gustav hit Baton Rouge harder than any storm has in recorded history, narrowly beating out Betsy in the 60s. The entire city, and the vast majority of the outlying areas, lost power, and it is very slow coming back. Yesterday I stood in line for 45 minutes to get ice, and had a cold soda for the first time since the storm. The gas lines are miles long at the very few stations that have power. Thankfully I don't need gas yet, but I'm not looking forward to it when I do.

Work is closed until at least Monday, they'll be 'reevaluating' this weekend. Of course, if I am back at work on Monday that's good in that I'll have a way to get online regularly, and bad in that it's difficult to look presentable for work when you have to get ready before the sun rises with no electric lighting, a complete inability to look at yourself in the mirror, and no hot water for showers.

*sigh* And at least one of the computer projections has Ike headed for us. Why oh why?
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So Gustav downgraded to a category 2 overnight, and seems like it shifted a bit further west, all good things for me. From what I can tell from satellite the eye is making landfall around Houma, LA, right about now. I'm in the middle of one of the outer bands. It's raining, but not coming down too hard. There's about 3 inches of standing water in our parkinglot, but we get that with bad thunderstorms here. And the trees are whipping about every 30 seconds or so when a strong gust comes through. However, I still have power, obviously, and the apartment itself isn't shaking the way it did in Katrina. At least not yet. It'll probably get worse as the eye makes its way up here.
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Ok, a seven-hour drive today means that I'm exhausted, so I'm shutting down and going to bed. I'm stocked up on food that doesn't need cooking, the major electronics are unplugged, the bathtub is filled with water if the pipes go out, I've got flashlights and batteries and a battery-powered radio that also has a power crank on it so I can keep up with the news as needed. And all the kitties except Robin and Siobhán are in crates, so if a window does break or something, I don't have to worry about them escaping in a panic. Siobhán is nearly impossible to get into a carrier or crate, but she also tends to hide *under* things, so I'm not too worried about her getting out. Robin is simply too wily and well aware of what a carrier means for me to easily get him inside, plus he'd have to share with someone even if I did get him, as I only have 4 carriers. So I guess I'll have to take my chances that he doesn't run off. Not that I'm expecting any window breakages, but you never know.

Since there's a very good chance I won't have power in the morning, I'll say goodnight now, and update any way I can whenever I can.
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Ok, just a note to let y'all know that I made it back home safe and sound, and am all holed up and prepared for the duration. I'll be online for the next few hours, probably. It's raining a little now, but nothing really bad yet. The radio said we should start to see the first major effects around midnight here, and I figure I'll probably lose power soon after, so after that I'll just send updates as I can. Here's hoping I get through as well as I did in Katrina. Please keep *everyone* on the Gulf Coast in your prayers tonight.
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For those wondering. I am in Birmingham, AL, right now, but I am cutting my trip short (I was supposed to fly home tomorrow, but that flight got cancelled) and will be driving back to Baton Rouge this afternoon. I will be hunkering down with the kitties and will let you know how it goes as soon as I have email and/or phone contact when it's all over. Keep an eye on this post, as I might have someone post a comment here letting you know how I'm doing if I get phone contact without email access.

Everyone who's in the area, please keep safe, and those of you who are out of Gustav's way, please keep the rest of us in your thoughts.
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Well, current predictions now have Gustav hitting Louisiana Tuesday morning instead of Monday, which means my flight home this weekend might actually happen as scheduled. Of course, I'll be flying into Louisiana at the same time that everyone else will probably be trying to get out, but that's ok :) Looks like if everything goes as expected I'll actually be home for the event after all. I know I shouldn't feel better about being in the path of a hurricane instead of safely out of it, but I'm not really anticipating any major damage where I live, and I'd rather be around to keep an eye on things.
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For those who don't know what I was talking about in my previous post, see this:

At least it's still only a Category 2. Now they're calling for it to be a Category 3 when it hits. Wonderful.
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When I first heard about it two days ago, it was still a tropical storm and wasn't even to Haiti yet. Yesterday, folks were talking about it, and this morning I get an email reminder to sign up for the university's emergency text messaging system. Yes, folks, it's official. A hurricane is in the Gulf and Louisiana is on alert. It would be almost funny if it weren't so serious.

Years of having the Big One pass them by had made Louisianans rather blasé about hurricanes. They happened every year, after all. Then Katrina hit, and so many were unprepared, myself included. The first I heard about Katrina was when my parents called me on Saturday morning. Ok, so I'm not much of a news person or I would have heard earlier, but the point is, no one was even really talking about it on Friday. Then Saturday came and folks started to realise it might actually hit us this time. I got about four or five calls Saturday from friends and family, so I would have figured it out by then, but of course, when you're talking real preparation, that was way too late. Saturday afternoon I went out and bought a case of bottled water and some batteries and that was about the extent of my preparation (it was significant, I think, that I obtained both those items rather easily and without fuss). Of course, Baton Rouge is far enough from the coast to be pretty much safe from major flooding of the type seen in the lower parishes. I'd like to think that those in New Orleans and along the coast were paying more attention to Katrina than I was, but we all know how that turned out.

The point is, if nothing else, we've learned from our mistakes. We've been lucky in the past few years in that only a handful of hurricanes have made it into the Gulf at all and those that did hit far enough away to not be an issue. I mean, I feel sorry for Mexico and Texas and West Florida, but at least it wasn't here. And I knew about each one well in advance. Because we pay attention now. Every time a named storm rounds the Florida Peninsula, Louisianans keep a weather eye on the Gulf. Because you never know.

As for me, I still have that case of bottled water. I'll actually be in Birmingham this weekend, but I'll be keeping an eye on the news.


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