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The Rise of Alzheimer's Horror: Interesting article on the effects of the rising number of cases of Alzheimer's on the entertainment industry. defines trigger as follows: "A topic, phrase or word that emotionally sets someone off."
It defines the word squick as follows:
1. Noun. The physical sense of repulsion upon encountering a concept or situation one finds disgusting.
2. Noun. A situation or concept which engenders this reaction.

Memory-loss scenarios are both a squick and a trigger for me. It comes up often in fanfiction, the typical plot line being "Person A and person B have been lovers for x number of [months/years] now. But in a [mission gone bad/accident/illness, etc.] person B can now no longer remember the last y [months/years where y>x]. Oh no! What will person A do? How can they convince person B to give them a chance? Will person B ever get their memories back?"

I have a deep-seated fear of memory loss. My self identity is so tied to my memories - what I've done, what I've experienced, what I've felt - that to me, the idea of memory loss feels like an essential loss of self. The very thought of it makes me cringe and shudder. Sadly, many fanfiction authors don't think to put this in their warnings (like issues of rape and abuse are often listed as warnings at the beginning of a fic) so there I go, enjoying something, and all the sudden - wham! One of the main characters loses their memory and I squick so hard I feel like I need to take a toothbrush to my brain.

So yeah - this article. I hadn't really thought about it that way, but I can see where Alzheimer's Horror could be really effective. It certainly is for me - I've refused to see any of the movies they mentioned in the article for that very reason.
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I love the first listing on the CDC's WONDER page under "Chronic Conditions". Yeah, I guess death is a rather chronic condition after all :)
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In honour of Google's tenth birthday, they have put up the oldest version of their archive, January 2001, for search here. In many cases, even if the results are no longer on the web, you can view the page using the Internet Archive link next to the description. I googled my name and found a couple of old pages I had completely forgotten about (including a forum post from my Mercedes Lackey phase that was somewhat embarrassing).

Have fun!
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Sperm cells created from female embryo

Hah! Take that, men! You are now superfluous. We don't need you anymore. Women shall rule the world and there's nothing you can do about it!

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Playdoh Bunnies Cute commercial :)
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Here you can hear a cylinder wax recording of Alfred, Lord Tennyson reading "The Charge of the Light Brigade". The recording was made on May 15, 1890. It's a crappy recording, of course, many words and even full lines are obscured and can't be heard. But it's still fascinating to listen to and know that that is *Tennyson's* own voice.
gwynhefar: (Default) is a cool blog chronicling new species discoveries. Fascinating.
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A Fair(y) Use Tale

A presentation on copyright law and fair use made by putting together clips of Disney movies. Quite ingenious, really.
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Oh my gods. Watch this. I love George Takei. (Not work safe).
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Ok, now this is way cool.

Enter an author's name and get a visual map of other authors that are similar. Clicking on a name will take you to the map for that author. Lots of fun.
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This is brilliant. I'm in awe. Thanks to [ profile] luis_mw for the link.
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Da Mayor in Your Pocket

Hee! Everyone in Louisiana should have one of these.
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Ooh, check this out. Very cool optical illusion.
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My back hurts just looking at these girls:

Ross Sisters -- Solid Potato Salad
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Click on the photo for some more great wildlife images.
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This is rather sobering: National Priorities Project -- gives a running total of the tax-payer costs of the Iraq War, taken from Congressional Appropriations.


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