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Made it into San Jose, 45 minutes after I was scheduled to, but ah well, at least I made it. Of course, the first room the hotel gave me had clearly not been visited by housekeeping since the previous tenant left - the bed was clearly slept in and dirty towels were on the floor.

I called and complained, of course, and they moved me to a much bigger and nicer room with copious apologies. So, I am now going to take a hot bath to ease my tortured back muscles and a nice big sleeping pill and go to bed. Up at 7:30 in the morning.

Wish me luck on my interview - surely I've used up my quota of bad things today, right?
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So, while I haven't talked about it particularly for fear of somehow jinxing myself, I have an interview at Stanford tomorrow for a position in their Earth Sciences Library.

I was scheduled to fly out of Baton Rouge this afternoon at 2:18. My girlfriend was going to pick me up around 11:30 and we'd go get lunch before she dropped me off at the airport. At 10am this morning, I was woken up by the phone ringing. It was Continental's automated system informing me that my departure time had changed - I would now be leaving Monday, May 23 at 3:20.

Praying that the date was simply a mistake, I immediately went to check the website. Sure enough, my flight out of Baton Rouge today had been cancelled and they'd helpfully booked me on a flight that left right about when my interview would be over. Not an option.

So I called Continental, spent about 25 minutes on hold before finally talking to a very kind woman named Melanie who completely understood my panic and managed to get me on a flight leaving *New Orleans* at 4:20. Of course, lunch was shot, and since I couldn't get ahold of J. right away, I ended up begging I. to drive me to New Orleans. Of course, J. showed up on time for our lunch date so in the end she and I. both went with me to New Orleans.

Hopefully they can bond over my freaked out response. The whole situation had me on the verge of a total panic attack and I didn't stop shaking until we were half way to NOLA.

So now I've got about another hour before my flight boards, along with a 50-minute connection in Houston (colour me nervous about that). I'll be getting into San Jose at almost 9pm (originally I would have got in about 6:30). I'll still have to get to the hotel about half an hour from the airport and attempt to get some sleep in preparation for a full day interview tomorrow.

In short, the whole experience has sucked. My back and neck are sore and tense and I've got the beginnings of a migraine.

Oh, and I finally had to go through the pornoscanner. After everything that went on this morning I was just too frazzled to protest.

I *hate* travelling. And I haven't even gotten on the plane yet.


Aug. 24th, 2009 11:35 am
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I've really sucked at updating LJ lately, except for book reviews and such. So here's a little of what's been going on with me lately:

1) Depression/insomnia stuff - I've been on the new medication for about a month now. No bad side effects. As of the week before I left for vacation I was still having serious insomnia issues, but most of the depression seemed to have backed off some. I also have sleeping pills now to help with the insomnia, and hopefully between the anxiety/depression meds and the sleeping pills I can get my sleep schedule back on track, which I think will help enormously with my mood.

2) Vacation - I just got back on Saturday from a week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is the parent-funded "we don't see you and your brother enough so we're going to fix that by taking you on an awesome vacation" trip. With the exception of the day I forgot to wear sunblock and got sunburned, it was all heaven. We stayed at an all inclusive resort, which means you pay one price to stay there, and everything on the resort (food, activities, alcohol, etc.) is free. Right outside our room was a huge pool with a swim-up bar, and the beach was just on the other side of the building. The scenery was spectacular, although we really spent more time at the pool than we did the beach.

3) Work - My first semester class starts tomorrow. I think I'm pretty much ready, but I'm nervous. I've done one shots and guest lectures before, but this'll be my first time teaching an actual course. Hopefully I won't do too badly. I'm still working on a recalcitrant paper on Virtual Worlds with some colleagues, but it's mostly been put on the back burner while I prepare for class. I'll have to get back to it later this week.

That's mostly it, although since I've been so bad about updating, if you've been wondering about something or just want to say hi, feel free to comment :)
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Ok, so I made it back to Baton Rouge ok. My flight was delayed 2 hours in Atlanta, but considering some of the horror stories I heard from others in the airport, I think I got off lightly. I go crash now, and tomorrow it's back to work and more regular posting. Holiday update to come some time this week.
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I am in Baltimore. No problems with the flight, although my baggage got lost and only just now arrived. I'll be on here intermittently at best for the next two weeks, so if there's something I should know, email me.
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Made it home. My luggage, unfortunately, did not come with me and is now sitting in New Orleans, but they are going to deliver it either tonight or tomorrow and there's nothing in there I need desperately.

I am also getting sick -- coughing started yesterday and now I have stuffed sinuses, a low fever, and my nose has turned into a fountain with occasional sneezing fits. I asked the poor flight attendant for so many tissues on the flight to Baton Rouge that she finally just gave me the box.

The book I ordered is not here :-(

But the bracelet I ordered from [ profile] kythryne before I knew I was going to see her is. So yay!

Now, I have said hello to the cats. I am going to take a bath and then fall down go boom.
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Was supposed to fly home today. Flight out of Boston never took off due to mechanical error. They were not very forthcoming with information while we were on the stalled plane, but once I got off and talked to the ticket lady she was very nice and spent 40 minutes with me before determining that no, it was not possible to get me into any airport remotely close to Baton Rouge, including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Mobile, at any time tonight. Best she could do would be to get me to Dallas where I could take a flight to New Orleans tomorrow.

So forced with the choice of being stuck overnight in Boston or in Dallas, I chose to remain in Boston, where at least I have crashspace (and yay! more 'song time) and will be flying out of Boston at o'dark'thirty tomorrow morning to arrive in Baton Rouge around 1pm.

So now I am back at 'song's, feeling like a wet noodle. And tomorrow I will get up in the wee hours of the morning and take my taxi voucher back to the airport where I will fly to Baton Rouge via Dallas once more, and then go home and go boom.

Now I also have to figure out how to make up another day's leave time. *sigh*


Nov. 24th, 2008 11:55 am
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I can has [ profile] shadesong! Or, more accurately, [ profile] shadesong can has me. I am safe and sound in Boston, well rested, and very happy. This is all.
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I posted a whole bunch of birding posts based on what I saw in Mexico:

Birds from Mexico

More birds from Mexico

Xcaret Bird Park

Other miscellaneous birds
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If anyone is at ALA in Philadelphia and wants to try to get together with me, call my cell at 225-936-1625. I'll be here until Wednesday :)
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Hmm. . . I just found out that Mary Doria Russell, the author of The Sparrow and Children of God, is part of the author's forum at ALA Midwinter this weekend. Sadly, the forum is at 4pm on Friday, and my plane doesn't land until 4:35. But if she's there for the forum there's a good chance she'll be on the exhibit floor at some point, so I'll have to look for her.
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So my flight out of Baton Rouge yesterday was delayed by 2 hours due to heavy fog. This meant that I missed my connection in Memphis. So I got directed to the long line of other people who had missed connections to try and get rebooked. I finally got up to the counter and gave the lady my information and she said 'oh, looks like we've already automatically rebooked you on a Delta flight to Atlanta. From there you can get another Delta flight to Baltimore. But the flight to Atlanta leaves . . . now. Run!"

So, unable to really run, I walked fast and furious to the Delta flight, where I had to wait in another line for them to print out a boarding pass for me (but at least I got on the flight). Then I had a 3 hour layover in Atlanta before finally heading to Baltimore, with the end result being that I got to Baltimore 5 hours after I was originally scheduled to.

Then, of course, my baggage didn't show up, apparently having not made the transfer to Delta along with me. They said they would most likely have it delivered to my parent's house before midnight, so we left and got some dinner and then I went home and crashed.

Woke up this morning and sure enough, they hadn't delivered my luggage. So I called the number, and it turns out they had rerouted my baggage to a Northwest flight to Detroit, and from Detroit it was supposed to arrive at Baltimore around 7pm last night. Then Northwest was supposed to contact Delta and give it to them, since they're the ones I had my claim through. According to the Delta guy, either it's still sitting in the Northwest office in Baltimore, or it never left Detroit. He's not sure which, but he promised to call back within two hours (well, one hour now) with an update. If I don't hear back from him by 11am, I'm supposed to call him back.

Oh, and since I was an idiot and packed some of my medications in my bags instead of in my purse, I had to stop by Walgreen's last night and buy a dose of two of my medications to last me the night. Two pills. $5 each. What a ripoff! I was tempted to say hell with it, but the withdrawal from those particular medications starts at about 15 hours without it and really isn't fun, so I didn't really have much of a choice.

But at least I am here safe and sound and slept in a bed last night. There were others on my flight out of Baton Rouge who weren't going to be able to say the same.
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I go boom now.
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*Massage today. It was very nice, and relaxing. My leg felt much better afterward, although the massage only loosens the muscles and doesn't stop or prevent the nerve pain. And only I could come out of a massage session with a book recommendation that has nothing to do with health.

*I leave to go back to Louisiana tomorrow morning. It is very unfortunate. I have not had enough time here. But then I always say that. I very much want to move to Boston, but this will not be a financial possibility for several years yet.

*It is late. I must get up early(ish) to catch a cab to the airport tomorrow. I am tired. I cannot sleep. This sucks.
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First, the cab was an hour late picking me up to go to the airport. So I run for my flight, just barely make it, and then the flight sits on the tarmat for two hours. Then I run to make my connection, only to find that it's been delayed for two hours . . . make that three and a half. So while I was supposed to get in at 7pm, I don't actually get home until almost midnight.

Fall down go boom.
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So, I'm supposed to be in Seattle. Instead, I'm in Houston, getting ready to fly back to Baton Rouge, after spending much of last night in a Houston hospital with gastroenteritus. Came on quite suddenly during the layover between Baton Rouge and Seattle yesterday afternoon, so I rescheduled my flight and got a hotel room, but when things started getting bloody, if you know what I mean, I figured I should get checked out.

So now I have antibiotics, and a strict instruction to rest, drink lots of fluids, and eat as much invalid food as my stomach can handle.

[ profile] opakele and [ profile] dreamingcrow, I'm sorry I won't be seeing you this time :-(
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I will be in Seattle from *very* late Friday until Tuesday morning. Friday and Tuesday are travel days, so they're out. Saturday morning is registration for the conference followed by a committee meeting until 12:30, after that I'm free. I'm free all day Sunday. Monday I have a committee meeting from 8am to 10am, and then I'm free for the rest of the day. All three nights are open as well. I would *love* to meet with folks. I will be staying the Pike Street Suites (formerly Summerfield Suites) near the conference center. I will not have a car, and my ability to walk long distances is limited, so I will either need someone to pick me up, or instructions on how to use the public transport system to get wherever you want me. Let me know who's available for a meet-up.

EDIT: As this is a conference for librarians, there will be a large number of publishers there giving away free books. An exhibits-only pass is only $25 and well worth it in terms of free books. At annual, I walked away with over 100 books. This is a slightly smaller conference, but there will still be plenty of opportunities for cool stuff. So if anyone wants to pay their $25 and join me in relieving the publishers of their wares, let me know. The best day for that would be Monday (as the last main day of the conference, the publishers will be trying to get rid of as much stuff as they can so they don't have to bring it home, and lots of previously unavailable 'sample copies' will be made available.)
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I have arrived home safe and sound.

More later.
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Thanksgiving is upon us! People who will be at 'song's for Thanksgiving, let me know who you are so I can add you.

Also we need cloves, candied yams, and milk (regular, not condensed). Anyone who wishes to provide these things will be handsomely rewarded.

Also we need bourbon, and anyone who wishes to provide said liquor will be rewarded with bourbon cake, which will otherwise not be making an appearance this year :-(


Nov. 21st, 2006 09:34 pm
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I is in Boston. I is tired and sore, but happy. I sleep now. More later.


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