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one day I am going to bloom
patient and proud
with fish in my mouth
and eyes in my wings

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I'm still on a weird music kick, so this week's theme is "really awkward song lyrics"

My personal favourite is "Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti" from Toto's 'Africa' Who came up with that? It only nominally makes sense, and the effort required to fit that monstrosity into the melody of the song results in a cringe-worthy stress on the first and final syllables of "Serengeti" rather than on the third where it belongs.

Can anyone think of other examples?
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I'm trying to put together a playlist of songs that directly reference Hurricane Katrina. I have a handful, but I'm hoping y'all can think of others. Ones I already have:

"All I Need": Mat Kearney

A pool is running for miles on the concrete ground

We're eight feet deep and the rain is still coming down

The TV's playing it all out of town

We're grabbing at the fray for something that won't drown.

"Pontchartrain": Vienna Teng

Lake Pontchartrain is haunted:

Bones without names, photographs framed in reeds.

"People Look Around": Catie Curtis

When the water is rising and there is no higher ground,

You can wave your hands up on the roof,

But you might be left to drown.

In the streets of New Orleans; a makeshift funeral pall,

Here lies Vera, God help us all.

"Louisiana 1927": Randy Newman (technically about the 1927 Mississippi flood, not Katrina, but became an anthem in the aftermath.)

Louisiana, Louisiana

They're tyrin' to wash us away

They're tryin' to wash us away

Any others y'all can think of?


Dec. 18th, 2009 11:59 am
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Well, I've bit the bullet and requested a schedule change. Right now my work hours are 7:30am-4pm. I really liked the getting out early. But with the insomnia and the medication shuffle, getting up early enough to be at work by 7:30 has been increasingly difficult, and I've often had to use up leave coming in late, when I am simply too exhausted in the morning to be safe driving in. So, in the interest of not crashing my car, and possibly getting a little more sleep, I've requested to change my schedule to 9am to 5:30pm, which is the latest schedule I'm allowed. It'll mean a slightly longer commute, since I'll be driving during rush hour, and I won't have as long of an evening - but since half of my evenings are either spent napping or trying to distract myself from the desire to nap, I suppose it's not much of a loss. And I'll be able to sleep in for another hour and change every morning, which can sometimes make all the difference.

In other news, I have created CD inserts (front and back) for my Sad Songs Mixes #1-11 (yes, I do have that many). I'm not offering the actual mixes (I do have some limits when it comes to file sharing, not to mention the logistics of getting that many music files out to folks), but if you want the CD insert files (and thus the track listings), let me know. How you get the actual music is up to you, although I'll be happy to point you in the right direction for some of the more obscure stuff. Personally, I'm quite happy on how the images turned out.
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[ profile] s00j concert last night was wonderful! It was a small venue, with only a handful of people there, and while I could have wished s00j a bigger audience, I actually really liked the intimacy of it. I got to meet some great people, and the other two members of the Traveling Fates were wonderful. I shall be buying CDs from them as soon as I can afford it again.

Also, while in New Orleans, I made a point to go to Pirate's Alley. I cannot describe the feeling of being there, on that street, where my novel takes place; of putting my hand on the wall of the building that *is* the Black Rose; of smelling the unique scent of New Orleans mingled with the fragrance from the Cathedral garden; of sitting drinking rum and cranberry juice in the bar whose interior will inform the layout of Liath's bar. I took tons of notes. It was incredible, and surreal, and wonderful. I need to go back!


Jun. 23rd, 2009 10:46 am
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So, last night, I finally got to sleep somewhere around 1:30am, woke up around 3:15, got back to sleep around 3:45, woke up around 4:30, got back to sleep around 5:45, and finally woke up again when the alarm went off at 6:30. I have no idea how I'm functioning today. (scratch that, I do know - I'm *not* functioning today)

Also, I am at the heights of frustration because iTunes keeps crashing when I try to re-sync my iPod, which lost all its songs when I was trying to fix the volume control by restoring the factory settings. That solution did not, in fact, fix the volume control, and now I can't transfer more than about 200 songs at a time (and with almost 9000 songs in my Library, that's taking a long time). In addition, whenever a sync does fail, it somehow erases part or sometimes all of the songs on the iPod itself (I'll start out with 800 songs on the iPod, try to add another 200, have the sync fail, and end up with 650 songs on the iPod). I'm actually pretty sure by now that the problem is my iPod going bad, and not actually iTunes itself. Unfortunately, since I can't afford a new iPod, I have to deal with what I've got. Which is frustrating, to say the least.
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I collect depressing songs. It's a hobby. And I'm looking for more. But I'm also curious - do you know any songs where the lyrics *really* get to you? A specific point in the song where your heart just breaks for the speaker? If so, I want to know what song, and what lyrics!

My biggest example has always been the second verse of Beth Nielsen Chapman's "Sand and Water," a song she wrote after her husband died:

All alone, I
heal this heart of sorrow
All alone, I
raise this child.
Flesh and bone, he's just
bursting towards tomorrow,
and his laughter fills my world
and wears your smile.

My Weekend

Mar. 23rd, 2009 02:08 pm
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Had a great weekend, although quite tiring. Isaac and I went down to New Orleans for the Palimpsest show on Saturday, got to see [ profile] shadesong, and Kyth, and [ profile] s00j, and bunches of other great people. The show was very good, although there was a little more bondage than I was expecting :)

Sunday Isaac and I went to see Knowing, which I think takes the prize as the creepiest disaster flick ever. It was very creepy. And nightmare-inducing.

Which brings us to today, where I'm home sick at least partially because I barely got any sleep last night because I kept waking up thinking that creepy blonde people with black eyes were in my room watching me.

The other part is my damn allergies/cold/whatever, which seems to kick in whenever I'm tired and run-down. Suddenly, in addition to being tired and run-down, I'm sniffly, sneezy, coughy, and itchy-eyed. Is very annoying.

On the other hand, I'm getting lots of work done remotely, as there are fewer distractions at home. Although in a little bit I think I'm going to take my sniffly sneezy self and go take a nap, in the hopes that I will be rested and thus non-sniffly sneezy in the morning.
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So the following song comes on the radio, and now I'm sitting here in my cubicle at work bawling like a baby.

Small Victory
Garnet Rogers (Stan Rogers' brother)

You've no business buying a mare like that
But buy her if you must
He bit the end off his cigar
And spat it in the dust
She's old, she's lame and barren too
She's not worth feeding hay
But I'll give her this, he blew smoke at me,
She was something in her day.

I recall her well 10 years ago
She was a winner in her prime
She was fast and lean and willing
But they raced her past her time
And though she had the heart
Her legs were gone
It wasn't see hard to see
But they kept her at it in the hopes
Of one more small victory

She was shunted round from track to track
From Kentucky up to Maine
They'd run her in cheap claimers
All doped up to mask her pain
And if its my advice you want I'd say
The poor things had her day
You'd be thowing good cash after bad
Its best, he turned away

Oh they led her round the auction shed
And bidding started low
She'll go for dogfood someone said
The markets been that slow
But she raised her head and pricked her ears
And before the hammer fell
She's was mine
My friend turned round to me
You're softheaded I can tell

But she'd been shoved from pillar to post said I
And always done her best
They used her up they rung her dry
You'd think she earned her rest
So if she does naught but bode out her day
Beneath some shady tree
I'll have saved her from the knacker's yard
And that's enough for me

Oh that was near two years ago
She's filled out some since then
And more so since she's been in foal
She eats enough for ten
And this morn as I crept to the barn
Around 'bout half past three
There stood nursing on still trembling legs
One more "small victory".


Sep. 24th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Flogging Molly was *perfect*. I had my Flogging Molly buddy with me, and I could actually *dance* this time. Having [ profile] shadesong with me always makes it better because there is *story* behind some of those songs for us. And dancing to "Whistles the Wind" with her for the first time since my surgery meant so much because we've both been sick for so long and I think it's broken both our hearts to see each other that way, but I am better and she is better-than-she-was, and just in that moment it was all really ok.

And having S.A. there was brilliant because she and [ profile] shadesong totally hit it off, like I knew they would and it was wonderful seeing both of them just so happy and into the music.

Sadly I could not find [ profile] babysprite in the crowd, although he assures me he was there and had a wonderful time as well.

And I am *sore* today. I slept late, although some of that was waking up to protesting muscles and then getting back to sleep. My body just wants to lay in bed all day so we won't be doing much. But at least it is definitely a 'what were you thinking asking me to move *that* way?' muscle soreness and not a 'something's-wrong' kind of soreness. And *no* nerve pain, which is still astonishing to me.
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Flogging Molly = brilliant
[ profile] shadesong and S.A. = danced with
me=go boom.
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Ok, here is an odd question/request.

I watched 10,000 B.C. tonight, and as the credits were rolling, I heard a snatch of theme music I could *swear* I've heard before. I don't think it's the same piece, exactly, just the melody line from another piece of soundtrack music that they recycled (not an unheard-of practice. I was surprised once to hear the main theme from The Man From Snowy River in the background of a scene in the more recent version of The Parent Trap). So, I'm begging for help from all you knowledgeable people. Go here: and listen at from around 1:00-1:30 or so, and tell me if you recognise the melody from another movie.
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Ok, so I figure I'd reach out to all you knowledgeable people. I'm looking for more examples of the folksong/ballad about a highborn lady who falls in love with a lowborn man, and her father intervenes. Common features include an alternate suitor the father favors, the woman's open defiance of her father, and the father's attempt to kill the man she loves. Generally it ends badly for the lovers, through murder or suicide, but not always. To give you an idea, here are the ones I'm familiar with, along with the bands I know that perform them:

"Lady Diamond" as performed by Steeleye Span
"Step It Out Mary" as performed by Boiled in Lead
"Annachie Gordon" as performed by Loreena McKennitt
"John Barbour" as performed by Great Big Sea

Anyone know any others?

EDIT: Someone mentioned "Tam Lin". I don't count it because Tam Lin himself is actually highborn as well, the conflict with her father comes from the fact that Janet gets pregnant out of wedlock and doesn't immediately produce a father, not that she's in love with someone beneath her station.
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Let the night be gone
Let it go without a sound
I have seen you twice before
'Nothing by chance' you said

I've heard it can be seen
In the places in between
Where the meek are said to seem
To be a part of it.

You said 'everyone cries'
You said 'everyone flies'
And the joy I keep bound
like a secret I hide
from the spirits that move
in the time that I bide . . .
It just hurts sometimes.

Float me past the night
Show me all the currents right
Leading all the subtle light
that brings one back again

You said 'everyone cries'
You said 'everyone flies'
And the joy I keep bound
like a secret I hide
from the spirits that move
in the time that I bide . . .
But it hurts sometimes.

When I dream, it's never dark
and the moon is swirling through my head
Do you come to watch me too?
Do you think of me as a part of you . . .
. . . heart of you . . . start of you . . .

Will this last that long?
Though I know it can't be wrong
You repeat you're not that strong,
but that's what angels do.

You said 'everyone cries'
You said 'everyone flies'
And the joy I keep bound
like a secret I hide
from the spirits that move
in the time that I bide . . .

Did you know you could fly
when you opened your eyes?
Does a miracle start
even though no one tries?
After all of this time,
after all, it's just fine . . .
But it hurts sometimes.

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I have a shiny new iPod. Amazon was having a sale. It's an 80GB black iPod classic and I love it. I hadn't realised quite how much I'd missed my musical variety since my old mp3 player broke. After listening to the same 80 songs or so (that may sound like a lot, but it's not) for the last several months, I now have over 1000 songs on my new pod. And I've still got plenty of CDs to transfer over. Life is grand once more.

Oh my

Feb. 14th, 2008 11:12 am
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Yes, I may be guilty but I'm also singing right along :)
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So last night was a house-concert with [ profile] s00j. She is *incredible*. Really. One of the best concerts I've seen in years. So go check her out at
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After much trial and travail, much downloading of conversion software and clipping of mp3s, much touch-tone typing and much bandwidth buying, I have managed to get The Llama Song as my phone ring tone.

I am much pleased.
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Despite the fact that I should have known what I was getting into listening to an internet radio station that plays Flogging Molly, I could have done without hearing this on the radio:

So goodbye, sweet Róisín Dubh, I say goodbye
Until we meet again
Until we meet again
Until we meet again, she arrives to beautify
But slumber now must rest
Oh my Róisín Dubh
I'll forever love
The youth you once possessed


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